Wine Foil Cutter

Cutting the foil off the wine is such an annoying task, but at least the reward is worth it. But why waste your energy on the foil if you don’t have to?

Latex Wine Condoms

Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool.  Even wine needs to be protected correctly.  So after busting open the wine, jam this condom on it and take it anywhere.

Calorie Counting Wine Glass

OK, so this is not for everyone.  If you’re drinking, we’re firm believers that you should just let yourself go and pound as much alcohol as possible – don’t worry about consequences.  BUT if you do care about consequences, go...

Kegorater on Wheels

Beer on tap is awesome and you need a kegorater if you don’t have one today.  This kegorator is the perfect one because it’s on wheels.  Wheel it around your house as you bounce from sofa to outside and seek...

Table Wood Coasters

Have kids or friends that always put their drinks on your table?  Before kicking them out of your house for being jerks, give them another chance to not destroy your property.  The final straw is violating these coaster rules!

Drinko Drinking Game

Remember plinko?  The game where you drop a ball and it falls into a random place.  Well, since everything is much better with booze, turn plinko into copious shots and find another way to get hammered with your friends!

Never Have I Ever Family Version

Holy hell, we didn’t see this coming.  The last time our team played “Never have I ever”, the last question was “Never have I ever took a dump on…”.  We can’t wait to see how the family version works.

Sunscreen Alcohol Flask

It seems like sneaking alcohol has advanced to levels previously only seen on Cops with cars crossing the US-Mexico border.  Leverage this novel way of sneaking in booze, with sunscreen flasks.

300+ Ounces of Pedialyte

We’ve tried MANY hangover solutions and the reality is, nothing really works except for time and a lot of agony.  So you might as well hydrate with water and electrolytes.  Bulking up on Pedialyte may help.

Smart Phone Breathalyzer

Drunk driving is bad, so don’t do it. This device will help you avoid driving over the limit and avoiding arrest. The device will also help you compete with your friends, at your own risk of course!