Solar Hat

Our phones cost a fortune and yet, they barely hold a charge for a full day. WTF! Charge your phone all day with this solar snapback hat!

Wooden Cabin Kit

It’s time to monetize your backyard. Once you build this cabin with all the parts shipped to you, you will feel accomplished and can have a sweet pad to escape to or list on AirBNB!

Ship Container Home

If you live in a cardboard box, it’s time to upgrade to a 40-foot full shipping container. This container comes with all the bells in whistles to be your very own McMansion – furniture, appliances, windows, doors, everything!

Latex Wine Condoms

Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool.  Even wine needs to be protected correctly.  So after busting open the wine, jam this condom on it and take it anywhere.

1 Pound Starburst

If hope is lost and you’ve let yourself go, live it up and indulge with this giant Starburst.  You might get fat but at least you’ll have fun!

Woman With Inhaler Wall Graphic

Sometimes we make good purchases, other times we don’t. An adorable wall decal of a beautiful elderly lady with an inhaler is one of the best purchases you could make. Wall woman is the hero we all need..

Toblerone Jumbo Candy Bar

If you’re on a diet, destroy it in style with this massive 4.5 kg (near 10 lbs) Toblerone candy bar.  You will get all the chocolate your heart desires and your stomach will be extra happy – we promise!

Kegorater on Wheels

Beer on tap is awesome and you need a kegorater if you don’t have one today.  This kegorator is the perfect one because it’s on wheels.  Wheel it around your house as you bounce from sofa to outside and seek...

12 Foot Beach Ball

If you purchase this, please also make an appointment at your local psychologists office.  You may have problems.  But you also may love to have fun.  We pray that own a pump.