Thumb Drive

Don’t trust all the imposter “thumb” drives and go with the real deal. This thumb drive is as real as it gets and boasts a huge 32 gigabytes!

Mat Doormat

A witty doormat is sure to set the best impression for your house guests. A 2 liner doormat joke will surely set a great impression!

Survival Water Filter

Literally turn garbage into gold when you really need it. This filter takes the nasty filthy water and will provide 1500 liters (lifetime) of safe drinking water.

Twist A Light

Every once in a while, you need a damn snake that wraps around your neck and provides some useful light. This light will go with you anywhere and make sure you see what’s essential.

Hoodie Pillow

The HoodiePillow will allow you to be comfortable and remain discreet at the same time. Perfect for travel. Anything to avoid that chatty neighbor on an airplane!

Dwight Schrute Socks

Wear the Office to the office with these Dwight Schrute socks. Dwight’s head will glare over to you, in joy, every time you don these puppies on your puppies.

Jeopardy Answers

Spoil countless episodes of Jeopardy with one short book containing the answers. On the bright side, you will expand your horizons as you acquire a ton of knowledge.

Corgi Butt Mousepad

Hey, if you’re into dog butts, we’re not here to judge you. We just want to connect you with something you might like. Introducing the Corgo Butt Mousepad!