Pet Teepee

Your dog or cat deserves a high quality upgrade. Make their day with this awesome teepee and they will thank you with peace and quiet.

Pet Sling

For some, furbabies are life. Treated like kings. If that’s you, make sure that your royal pooch has an awesome pet sling to go on walking trips. You might get some funny looks from others but at least you and...

Realistic Dog Pillow

Ever travel and miss your dog or cat? Wish you could take them with you but couldn’t? The good news is that now you can bring your pet, sort of. At least in the shape of a lovable, plush pillow....

Cat Butt Coloring Book

Coloring books are supposed to help relieve stress in adult humans. If you’re going to attempt to color, go for a classic cat butt coloring book. By the time you are done, you will probably be sick of looking at...

Lick Your Cat Brush

Bond with your fur baby as you lick her up and down. Not only will you feel good, but your cat will be over the moon soothed. We recommend not telling many people that you bought this.

Window Cat Bed

Do cats have the best life or what?  Eat, poop, sleep, rinse, repeat.  Always a dull moment for cats and that’s just fine.  Enhance your cat’s life with this window-mounted cat bed.

Blonde Pet Wig

If your pet reminds you of Sia or a blonde woman, this wig is for you (and your pet).  Transform your pet into a celebrity with one easy step.

Sleeping Book by Cats

Cats are boring. They don’t talk. They poop. They eat. They sleep all day. Now you are fortunate enough to have cats that are willing to share their secrets and wisdom with us humans – teaching how to sleep more!...