Pet Teepee

Your dog or cat deserves a high quality upgrade. Make their day with this awesome teepee and they will thank you with peace and quiet.

Opera Sponge Holder

This cute opera singer in a tub will spice up your kitchen sink area. It has the ability to hold sponges, steel wood, scrubbers, and scourers – and collects water in the bathtub!

Coconut Oil Floss

Flossing really sucks but you can make it significantly better with Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil & Xylitol Dental Floss. This will truly clean your teeth and taste great!

Grocery Trolley Bags

Grocery shopping can get messy and it seems like everything is always on top of the bread. Take your organization to the next level with these trolley bags!

Twist A Light

Every once in a while, you need a damn snake that wraps around your neck and provides some useful light. This light will go with you anywhere and make sure you see what’s essential.

Puffer Dryer Buddies

Who would have thunk that these silly plastic things make your drier much more efficient? Dry faster, save energy, allow the air to flow more efficiently!