Solar Hat

Our phones cost a fortune and yet, they barely hold a charge for a full day. WTF! Charge your phone all day with this solar snapback hat!

Wooden Cabin Kit

It’s time to monetize your backyard. Once you build this cabin with all the parts shipped to you, you will feel accomplished and can have a sweet pad to escape to or list on AirBNB!

Bass Mailbox

Show your neighbors and the mailman that you mean business when it comes to fishing and mail. Your mail will hook right into this mailbox!

Mat Doormat

A witty doormat is sure to set the best impression for your house guests. A 2 liner doormat joke will surely set a great impression!

Survival Water Filter

Literally turn garbage into gold when you really need it. This filter takes the nasty filthy water and will provide 1500 liters (lifetime) of safe drinking water.

Hoodie Pillow

The HoodiePillow will allow you to be comfortable and remain discreet at the same time. Perfect for travel. Anything to avoid that chatty neighbor on an airplane!

Floating Yoga Mat

If you’re bored with your goat yoga, grab this floating yoga mat and skip over to the pool. Bonus points if you randomly do pool yoga by yourself with a bunch of other people in the pool!