Solar Hat

Our phones cost a fortune and yet, they barely hold a charge for a full day. WTF! Charge your phone all day with this solar snapback hat!

Thumb Drive

Don’t trust all the imposter “thumb” drives and go with the real deal. This thumb drive is as real as it gets and boasts a huge 32 gigabytes!

Twist A Light

Every once in a while, you need a damn snake that wraps around your neck and provides some useful light. This light will go with you anywhere and make sure you see what’s essential.

Tin Can Robot Kit

Tin cans make a great vehicle for drinking things out of, but do not serve much purpose after the drink is gone – other than throwing out.  Well, not anymore.  Turn any tin can into an adorable, lovable robot that...

Super NES Classic

When Super NES came out, it was completely revolutionary.  Unbelievable.  Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, this system was the cat’s pajamas.  Now you can really live it up with many games in this compact and cheap system.

Grain Wood Wrist Watch

Old, traditional watches are out and smart watches are in.  If you are willing to resist the smart watch movement, go with a unique watch that will turn heads.  This wood grain wrist watch is exactly what you’re looking for...

Smart Phone Breathalyzer

Drunk driving is bad, so don’t do it. This device will help you avoid driving over the limit and avoiding arrest. The device will also help you compete with your friends, at your own risk of course!

Radio Tube USB Flash Drive

Flash drives are pretty cool, but pentode radio tube flash drives a extremely cool.  This radio vacuum tube was created in 1981 and the USB drive is new – we love to see new tech and old tech combined to...

LED Moving Message Ticker

A home without a real stock ticker or sport score bottom line is simply incomplete. Finish off your man cave with this connected moving message and never miss a beat.